I started my Photography journey my Sophomore year of high school. I had one of the best teachers named Mr. Wishart. Mr,Wishart was not only a great teacher but a remarkable human being. He taught me so much about Photography. There are still things I do today I probably wouldn’t know if Mr. Wishart didn’t teach me. Unfortunately, Mr. Wishart passed away in the summer of 2016 going into my Junior year. I am so grateful for all the memories I have with him and will cherish them for a lifetime.  I am so thankful his family has allowed me to use his photography equipment to pursue my photography career. One of the ironic things I can remember Mr. Wishart telling me is “Don’t ever do weddings, you only get one shot at those, No do-overs! ” Funny because Photographing Weddings is my favorite thing to photograph! I can definitely say he is the reason I fell in love with Photography and continue to do it today !

I made this with all the photos everyone has been posting. I would never have been able to make this without Mr. Wishart teaching me how to use Photoshop & Lightroom in his AP Photography Class. 

Raymond Wishart


There's not enough time in a day to talk about how Mr. Wishart impacted my life and many others.  Mr. Wishart wasn't an ordinary teacher, he didn't care if you had your phone out in class, but you had to be taking pictures, he didn't care if you brought in food to his class but you always knew he was gonna take some of it. I had Mr. Wishart for DTV and AP Photography and I was lucky enough to have him his last year. Everyday you came into class he always was counting down the days to his retirement and of course his famous New York trip he took students to for Spring break. Mr. Wishart saw I had a gift with photography as he did. He always showed me tips and tricks and even let me borrow one of his camera lenses for awhile, that wasn't cheap I might add. Mr. Wishart will always be remembered for his generosity and his love for his students and friends, and his great photos he took during his life. You will be missed Wish, I will make you proud

- In Honor - 

Friends, family remember beloved Mosley teacher Ray Wishart

A. Crawford Mosley High School

Friends, family and faculty came together for a prayer vigil at Mosley High School for their beloved teacher  Raymond Wishart, or as we called him WISH. Their were tears and good laughs as we all remembered the memories we made with a very special man. 

Ghost Bike Memorial 

" Dave Matthews, founder of nonprofit organization Bike Friendly Atlanta,  has constructed ghost bikes — bikes he builds and paints white — since 2012 in honor of fallen cyclists, many of whom he’s never met." Many of Wishart's family and friends gather to watch the revealing of  Wishart's " Ghost Bike."  

gone but not forgotten








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