Ginger Jones

- In Honor -


My Meme was the person who kept our family straight, and on time to things.. Anyone can tell you that she never liked things to be unorganized. She was a go getter, a fighter, and would go out of her way to help others.

Dear Meme, The memories I will treasure with you…

I will miss going to your house and seeing what you had written down on your calendar of all the days ahead you had planned or something written down. You never liked to sit still, you always liked being busy. You always put others before yourself even when you were battling with cancer. You were always worried about what Jacob & I or Ryan & Mason were up too. You loved your Soap Opera tv shows, I recently remember sitting with you at your house, and you were going on and on about a show and trying to figure out who the bad guy was. You always were very interested in all the celebrity gossip. You liked reading the gossip magazines when you took us to some of our appointments.  I will remember your silly little words you’d say “Shush it or Hey Babe or Bye Babe.” I remember you drinking water all the time. I’d asked you why do you drank it all the time & you’d say “Because it’s good for you.” Whenever it was our birthdays we could always count on you to bring cupcakes and you’d put a candle in them & sing to us. That was the best preset I ever received. I remember when I was younger, you’d pick us up from school & would always make us do our homework. You’d sit right beside us & help us, it was after we were done we could go play. You loved our Papa so much. You were always so excited when he would catch a big fish. You’d show it off to everyone. But that didn’t stop you from not letting him put his fish mounts in the living room. After being with him for so many years we knew you could only take hearing the same corny jokes so many times. But we all know you were laughing on the inside. And your red nails……. I’m sure no one has never seen you without your lipstick, nails and hair not done. I remember when I would be in your car we would always have to wait for you to put your lipstick on. You’d put a line around your lips with what I always thought was a pencil and thought how weird that was. Then you’d fill it in with some lipstick and then you would smack your lips on a napkin or post it note to wipe it off and I thought thats silly. Even when you were in the hospital you were always worried about how your hair and nails looked.  I will miss hearing you sing the songs that would come on the radio you always knew them all & would always turn and look at me to see if I was singing along with you. . I remember not to long ago, when Jacob didn’t have his license. You were very eager from him to get it. You’d make him drive you around the block every time we would come over so he could practice.  One of the things I think I got from you was walking fast, my Mom , Meme & I are definitely fast walkers... Papa & my dad can never keep up. They always say, “Hey can y’all slow down.” I will remember swimming at your house, you would always ask if we’d want a popsicle. You would always be our judge whenever we would play silly games in the pool. You would always want to feed us when we would came over especially me because you knew I’d be moody if I didn’t.. You’d always say “Jesse you need to eat something boy.”. I remember you pulling up the weeds in your flower beds. Oh you always were proud of your flowers. I will remember when you would bake cookies you’d only let use eat a few. We weren’t supposed to eat all of them but we’d try to sneak more. I remember every holiday you’d make deviled eggs because my Dad & Papa always loved them. At Christmas you would always hide a few presents around the house and put out clues for us to find them. I remember when you first got Facebook you’d call me to come over to help you with things you couldn’t figure out. Like posting a photo or only accepting certain friend requests because you didn’t want everyone knowing your business. I will miss you walking me out to my truck & standing there and waving to me as I would leave. I will miss your evening calls to just check on all of us and see how our day went. Meme I will miss going to your house and sitting around your kitchen table just talking with you and laughing with you the most… I want to Thank my Mom, Papa & KK . Thank you for fighting with her. You guys are the reason she was able to stay positive and push through because of the strength y’all gave her. Mom ,  Even tho you would get on meme’s nerves sometimes about asking her to ask her doctors questions, and always wanted to know what was going on. You know she really appreciated having someone like you their for her.  Please continue to keep my Papa in your prayers, I know it will be very difficult for him, but I’m thankful he has his dog Mia to keep him company. And Papa of course I am always up to go fishing whenever you would like. Our lives will definitely be different without our Meme. You were the glue that kept us all together.  Meme I will miss all the should have beens with you. I am glad you are at peace and we are so lucky to know we have the best guardian angel. I miss & love you meme. - Jesse









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